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Green Energy

EV Charging Ports

A home charge point makes owning an electric car so much easier and cheaper. You can stop planning every trip around charge point locations and make sure your electric vehicle is fully charged before every journey.

There are multiple benefits to choosing Electric Vehicles (EVs), including lower running costs, environmental benefits, and no more queuing up at petrol stations.  With an EV, you can also reduce your frequency of public charging station visits by investing in an EV charging point at home.

EV charging at home provides the most convenient and cost-effective way to charge your electric vehicle. To do this you will need a driveway. A charge point will then be connected to your electricity supply and installed on your wall.

One popular choice of charger is a smart EV charger.  Smart chargers communicate with your EV and the grid via the internet.  This communication optimises charging, finding the best possible times to charge your car, for the cheapest, most energy efficient prices.

What do I need to charge my EV at home?

To have an EV charging point installed at home you will need to own your property or have permission from the homeowner/landlord.  You will also require private off-street parking, and a reliable WiFi connection. Then you’re good to go!

When searching for a reliable electrician to install your EV charging port, call us on 01142 134 610. We specialise in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, solar panel maintenance, repairs and new installations, and even hot tub wiring!

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