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House Rewires

If you own a property that is between 25-30 years old, you may be in danger: The effects of poor or worn out wiring could be potentially devastating.

Electrical wiring is subject to deterioration over time. Typically, wiring lasts between 50 to 70 years before it is likely to become unsafe, however, this depends on multiple factors including type of sheathing used, or exposure to heat, or chemicals.  It is recommended that your electrical wiring is professionally checked every ten years if the house is owned by you, and every five years if the property is rented.  Faulty wiring may result in injuries, such as electrocution shocks, and increases the chances of electrical fires within the home.


Safety first

Older properties can have a lot of character. They can also contain a lot of old wiring. If you are looking to buy an older property, ensure a safety check of the wiring is completed by a qualified, licensed electrician prior to purchase. If you are thinking of extending or converting your existing property, all wiring must comply with current Building Regulations.

Added extras

A property rewire not only affords peace of mind that your home is safer, it can also expand the number of light switches, plug sockets etc that you may need as our lives become more reliant on electrical appliances.

How do I know if my property needs rewiring?

If your property is between 25-30 years old and has its original wiring, it is likely that a rewire is necessary to maintain safe modern standards.  Red flags to be aware of include if you are experiencing circuit breakers that trip regularly. Listen out for buzzing sounds, and watch out for dimming or flickering lighting, which may indicate exposed or damaged wires.

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