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Published on Monday August 29, 2022
Author: AW Electrics

Solar Panel Battery Storage; It’s Not Too Late to Update!

Some people who opt to have solar panels installed decide to go without batteries. This means they need to revert to non solar energy when their panels are not generating electricity.  Whilst this suits many people, others decide that battery storage would be beneficial. At AW Electrics we offer the service of upgrading existing solar panels to include a battery.

What are the Advantages of Having a Solar Battery?

There are many advantages to installing solar panel batteries, also called energy storage systems, or home energy batteries.

What are the advantages of having a solar battery?

  • • Solar panels produce electricity, but this energy must be used straight away, or it is lost. Solar batteries charge during daylight hours and store excess electricity your panels produce. When solar panels stop generating electricity, the charged batteries discharge energy. This means you can continue to use your renewable, clean energy during non-daylight hours, maximising the quantity of green energy you use, and reducing the amount of electricity you use from the grid.

    • If you have excess stored energy, there are options to sell this back to the grid, making more money

    • Solar battery systems are especially important if you are often at home more in the early morning and evenings, as you will likely use more electricity during non daylight hours. Battery storage allows you to manage your home energy use more effectively. For example, if you own an electric vehicle, you will most likely wish to charge your vehicle overnight, making a solar battery a necessary investment

    • Solar panels work on cloudy days, however, they are not as effective. As the UK is not particularly renowned as a sunny country, solar battery storage increases the advantages from your solar panels whatever the weather

    • When your panels stop generating power after the sun goes down, your battery system will seamlessly begin discharging. You don’t have to monitor the change over or take any action

    • Sealed batteries do not require regular maintenance servicing; the initial cost is often the only cost associated with them

    Relying more on your solar energy and less on the grid may help reduce the current worries of upcoming energy price increases

    • Reducing your reliance on non green, finite fuels is another huge advantage of fitting solar batteries. Storing green, renewable energy to use after daylight hours lessens the requirement to access electricity from the grid, which lowers your carbon footprint

What Size are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries come in many sizes. The storage capacity of the battery generally correlates with its size.

What Size are Solar Batteries?

How Many Solar Batteries Will I Need?

Knowledge of your energy requirements and consideration of storage limits and maximum power outputs will inform how many batteries you need to be added to your configuration.

Where Can the Battery Be Placed?

The best location for solar batteries is in a garage space, however, given that many people do not have access to a garage, AW Electrics also install batteries in loft spaces. Smaller systems can be wall mounted, whilst larger systems sit on the floor.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

Just like your phone’s battery, your solar battery will charge and drain in cycles, which eventually means they wear out. The lifespan of a solar battery is between 5 to 15 years, with the battery often running at a somewhat lowered capacity for the last five years. You’ll often find they come with a 10 year warranty.

How long do solar batteries last?

Thinking of further reducing your carbon footprint and your bills by installing solar batteries? Why not call AW Electrics today on 01142 134 610 to speak to a member of our team regarding retrofitting solar batteries into your existing system.