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Published on Monday July 18, 2022
Author: AW Electrics

Solar Panel Installation: a Step by Step Guide

Have you looked into the many benefits of green solar energy, and are you thinking of investing, but want to know a little more about the installation process?

Then look no further! AW Electrics have collated all the information you need to feel more informed about the process, from start to finish.

Step One

At AW Electrics we understand the importance of having all the relevant information before committing. Our initial site survey takes around an hour. During this time, we assess if your roof is strong enough, or if a new roof is required prior to solar installation.  In some cases, a structural survey may be necessary.  Roof measurements are taken, and installation processes discussed, as well as potential savings, and the annual generation from solar power.

Step Two

You will receive an email from us with a quote and information pack.

Your information pack will contain:

  1. Diagrams of panel layout
  2. Component list
  3. Inverter checks
  4. Electrical information
  5. Schematic diagrams
  6. Structural calculations
  7. Performance estimates and summaries
  8. Self consumption information
  9. Yearly and daily generation predictions
  10. Yearly and daily consumption predictions
  11. Yearly and daily import and export forecast
  12. Yearly and daily battery utilisation estimates

Step Three

Scaffolding will be required below the positioning of the solar panels, ensuring safe access to your roof. This is arranged by us here at AW Electrics, facilitating a smooth, stress free procedure

Step Four

AW Electrics install a stable foundation for the panels, then fit the solar PV panels onto the mounts on your roof. Next, we connect the solar panels to the solar panel inverter, which is responsible for converting power collected by your panels into an electrical current that is safe and compatible to use. Then we wire in the inverter to the distribution board, and the inverter to the battery if you choose to have a battery.  Finally, we carry out comprehensive testing of the whole solar panel system. We work to the highest health and safety standards, and manage the entire installation process, so you can relax; we’ve got it covered!


  1. Where is the best location to install the inverter and batteries?

The optimal location for the inverter and batteries is in a garage space if you have one, however, we can also install the inverter and batteries in your loft.

  1. Will there be any changes required to my meter?

AW Electrics will add a meter as required for MCS registration.  However, if you require the SEG tariff to get paid for surplus electricity you wish to export to the grid, you will need to contact your energy supplier who will change your incoming meter to a smart meter for you.

  1. Is 4KW a typical installation, and how many physical panels does this correspond to?

The maximum solar panel installation on a property without permission from the Distribution Network Operator is 4KW.  We typically use 390W panels, therefore 4KW equates to around 10 panels. If possible, we will install around 12 – 14 panels to enhance performance in lower conditions, but this is limited at the inverter at 4KW.

  1. Do panels come in various shapes and sizes?

The typical width of residential solar panels is between 1m – 1.2m, and height around 1.6m – 1.8m


  1. What paperwork can I expect in terms of any guarantees and so forth?

AW Electrics deliver manufacturers guarantee of between 5 and 10 years on the products we sell. We also provide MCS certification, and a pack detailing the equipment we have installed.

If you have any further queries regarding solar panel installation, give AW Electrics a call today on 01142 134 610. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions