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Published on Sunday March 27, 2022
Author: AW Electrics

Solar Power Is it still Worth It?

With green options continuing to soar in global popularity, solar panels are still essential for any residential or commercial property. With solar PV panels  you can dramatically reduce energy and electricity costs. You can also harness natural solar energy, which can be used to heat your property during those frigid months. Solar energy is both renewable and recyclable. This means you can save year round on soaring energy bills, while securing an environmentally friendly abode. Several home owners associations also offer discounts for owners that install and utilise solar panels. If you want to protect the earth and save money, solar power is still worth it!

Feed in Tariffs

You can secure free electricity simply by installing solar panels, radiant barriers, and other cost and energy-efficient units. The Feed in Tariff, is a government iniative that allows home and business owners to tap into a wealth of savings by simply going green.

These discounts, however, depend on the current market trends and a number of other factors. While these optional feed-in tariff percentages do fluctuate, investing in these tariffs and solar panels still offer timely savings for new and existing property owners.

Solar PV Panels

With solar PV panels, you can help keep energy costs low. These panels are also designed to effectively blend in with the décor of your home and environment. They are also available in several shapes, sizes, and styles for your convenience. Our experts installers can install solar panels in your home, and offer maintenance and repair services.

Energy Efficient Options

In addition to solar panels, there are other energy-efficient units you can install. This includes Voltage Optimisers. With solar powered energy options continuing to soar, now is the perfect time to reap the awards of these green units.
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