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Published on Monday July 17, 2023
Author: AW Electrics

Unveiling UK Solar Panels: Debunking Home Suitability Myths

Solar panels can be installed on various types of homes in the UK, however, there are myths around which properties are suitable and which ones aren’t.

At AW Electrics we want to dispel these myths to make it clear that solar panels can be a practical and beneficial option for many UK homes, contributing to renewable energy generation and potentially reducing energy costs.

Myth Busting UK Home Solar Panel
Suitability FAQ’s

Here are some popular myths about solar panels, and the corresponding reality:

Myth 1 – The UK doesn’t get Enough Sunlight for Solar Panels to Be Effective.

 Reality: While it’s true that the UK has less sunlight compared to some sunnier regions, solar panels can still generate a significant amount of electricity. The UK receives enough daylight throughout the year to make solar panels a viable renewable energy option. Solar panels can generate electricity even on cloudy or overcast days, although their output may be slightly lower compared to clear sunny days.

Myth 2 – Solar Panels require a South-Facing Roof to Be Effective.

 Reality: South-facing roofs are considered ideal for solar panel installations because they receive the most sunlight. However, east, and west-facing roofs can also be suitable, and advancements in solar panel technology have made them more efficient at capturing sunlight from different angles. Additionally, the pitch of the roof and the absence of shading are also important factors in maximising solar panel performance.

Myth 3 – You Need a Large Roof to Consider Solar Panels.

 Reality: The size of your roof is not the sole determining factor for the feasibility of solar panels. While having a larger roof can accommodate more solar panels and potentially generate more electricity, solar panels can be installed on roofs of various sizes. A rough guideline is that you will need around 20 square meters of available roof space for a typical residential installation, which isn’t much bigger than a large car!

Myth 4 – My Roof is in the Shade, therefore is Not Appropriate.

 Reality: It may be that your roof is not in full shade at all times of the day. Partial shading or intermittent shading may not rule out the possibility of installing solar panels. There may be options to maximise sunlight exposure to your panels such as trimming or removing nearby trees and vegetation. At AW Electrics we can visit your home to assess your specific shading conditions and provide tailored advice based on your situation.
Roof Mounted Solar Panels in Holyhead, Wales.

Myth 5 – Flat Roofs aren’t Suitable.

 Reality: While flat roofs may require some additional/ more frequent attention compared to sloped roofs, they can still effectively harness solar energy. The main consideration is regular inspection and cleaning to optimise performance by removing surface debris, dirt, or moss that can obstruct sunlight. Solar panels can also be mounted with a tilt or angle to maximise sunlight exposure if necessary.

Myth 6 – I don’t have any Loft Space for an Inverter.

 Reality: The location of the inverter in a solar panel system does not need to be in a loft space. Inverters can usually be installed in other suitable locations, such as garages, cupboards, and utility rooms. It’s important to consult with a professional solar installer to assess your specific situation and determine the most appropriate location for the inverter based on your available space, electrical requirements, and safety considerations. At AW Electrics we provide guidance on the best solution to suit your needs.
Solar panels on a UK Home

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